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Tuesday June 29th, 2015

Quick update everyone!! Seventh Church Ministries will be releasing it's second zine this upcoming Friday July 3rd at 11am EST in the Yog-Blogsoth store

The zine will be a collection of demon illustrations by Gunsho (James Quigley) based on the grimoire called the Goetia.

If you're unfamiliar with the Goetia, this Wikipedia description sums it up pretty nicely:

The Ars Goetia is the first section of the Lesser Key of Solomon, containing descriptions of the seventy-two demons that Solomon is said to have evoked and confined in a bronze vessel sealed by magic symbols, and that he obliged to work for him. The Ars Goetia assigns a rank and a title of nobility to each member of the infernal hierarchy, and gives the demons "signs they have to pay allegiance to", or seals. The lists of entities in the Ars Goetia correspond (to high but varying degree, often according to edition) with those in Johann Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum an appendix appearing in later editions of his De praestigiis daemonum, of 1563.

The Goetia Vol. 1 will be limited to 50 hand assembled, hand signed copies with screen printed covers. Each zine will also come with 2 poster prints; one by myself and one by Portuguese artist Ze Burnay!

This will be the first of three Volumes containing Gunsho's demons. The illustrations themselves are disgusting, funny, weird, meticulous and gorgeous.

Don't forget to get your copy at the Yog-Blogsoth store Friday July 3rd at 11am EST!!


Saturday May 9th, 2015

Hey everyone!! Sorry it's been OVER A YEAR since I updated. I've been working on a complete revamp on this site as well as chugging away on my Yog-Blogsoth monsters and starting a zine label. Anyway, I'm gonna give you a huge update now and hopefully within the next month there'll be a completely new Last Chance Illustration site.

First off, here's a new piece I just finished for a friends DCC zine for GenCon. It's a monster he created called a Blight Serpent.

Next up are three new pieces I did for Adepticon 2015. Since this was the Con's thirteenth year, "bad luck" was the theme. The top piece was made for booklets and meant to look like an old D&D illustration.

The piece on the left is a logo for pint glasses and the one on right is for shirts.

These next two images are pieces I did for zines that friends put together. On the left is a piece for a haunted house zine that my friend Trevor Henderson organized. The idea is that each artist was assigned a room in the house. My room was the "sacrificial chamber".

On the right is my drawing of Nyarlathotep as the Queen In Red for Jenn Woodall's Fight! zine. It was a collection of female fighter characters by tons of great artists. Both were super fun projects to work on.

This piece was a record cover for Australian pop punk band Roswell.

I also did these two black and white pieces. The left is a record cover for a Repellers/Mortals split release and the right is a flyer for a Nightstick show here in Philly.

This last black and white piece was done for a Kickstarter campaign for Unwinnable. These were screenprinted and offered as a tiered reward. It's based on the demon Amon from the Goetia.

These next pieces were done for a secret book project about B-movie monsters. From top left: The jellyfish monster from Sting Of Death, the garbage-bag monster from Terror From the Year 5000, the cyclops Octopus from Monster From the Ocean Floor and finally the giant worm from Blood Beach.

Finally, this piece was done for DIYPHL. Each month they do posters of show listings throughout the city. Obviously, I chose to do a Halloween-themed October poster. The large blank headstone was filled with show dates and band names.

Not only have I done all this since my last update but I also did 72 monster drawings for my blog as well as putting out Illustro Obscurum Volumes VII, VIII, Collection II and Yuletide Compendium I. I also put out the first zines under my Seventh Church Ministries label with Alan Brown and got to collaborate with ten of my favorite authors for my Nyarlathotep project.

I also helped rescue two idiot cats, traveled to Pittsburgh, RI (with one nerd), Upstate NY (with two nerds), Maine and Toronto (to hang out with two cool nerds) and went to a million cemeteries with my absolute favorite person (It's Jeanne guys).

That's not all! I've got even MORE plans for 2015....MORE Nyarlathotep collaborations Jason, Nathan, Simon I'm looking at you), MORE Seventh Church zines Sam, Nick & Jeanne cough) AND an exclusive Illustro Obscurum Severn Valley Compendium that will be available at NecronomiCon Providence.


Wednesday March 19, 2014

Hey guys I know it's been a really long time since an update, but I've been really busy cranking work out.

First off, I did a record cover for the Worcester based band Set.

Above you can see small versions of the front and back cover but go to the Records page to see larger pics.

I also did my annual work for Adepticon in Chicago. I did 2 pieces, one for shirts and the other for promotional material.

For larger images check the Logos and Shirts pages.

Lastly, I was invited to do a Houdini themed show at Gristle Tattoo's gallery in Brooklyn. I couldn't resist doing a piece based on the Lovecraft/Houdini collaboration Under the Pyramids.

There's a lot of stuff going on here and it's one of my favorite stories and you should read it to find all the references in the piece.

The artist list for the show is pretty amazing:
Allison Sommers, Anthony Pontius, Christina Graf, Caitlin Karolczak, Gothic Hangman, Jeremy Hush, Joshua Harker: Artist, Julianna Menna, Max Kahan, Michal Brodka, Michael Bukowski, Nicomi Nix Turner, Paul Romano, Robert Kraiza, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Seldon Hunt, Tom Torluemke, Yao Xiao, Yuri Leonov and Zoe Williams.


Friday January 3, 2014

Hey everyone! I know it's been a really, really long time since my last update but I've been busy!

First off, the Children Of Yuletide opening went extremely well and this weekend is the last chance to see it at Grindcore House.

I also opened an Etsy store called Store Des Ghoules where you can pick up prints, posters, buttons, patches and few zines.

I also made this Rotting Baphomet piece that will be available as a print in Store Des Ghoules

I was also busy with making new monsters for Yog-Blogsoth. I managed to finish 92 monsters in 2013!

Lastly, Jeanne and I also spent 2 weeks in Italy and Switzerland looking at ossuaries, jeweled skeletons and attending a Yuletide festival with extremely pagan roots! You can see more pics on my Corpse Altar Tumblr.


Wednesday October 16, 2013

It's been another long wait in between posts here but I have a good excuse! I've been working on organizing a group show at Grindcore House here in Philly. First, I just wanted to share that I've been featured on Weird Tales website in their column They See the Weird! It's an honor to be featured in the the same publication (even if only on the internet) that originally published H.P.Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith!

Anyway here's more info on that show:

CHILDREN OF YULETIDE: 22 Artists Depicting Pagan/Non-Abrahamic Winter Festivals From Around the World

7pm-9pm November 15th, 2013
Grindcore House, 1515 s. 4th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147

Artist list:
Alan Brown, Christopher Burdett, Mike Bukowski, Jeanne D'Angelo, Keely Dolan, Heather Gargon, Eden Grace, Justin Gray, Kat Gun, Gunsho, Sam Heimer, Trevor Henderson, Jeremy Hush, Alina Josan, Erin McCown, Brynn Methany, Alicia Neal, Paul Romano, Kristin Scholz, Dylan Garrett Smith, Ketch Wehr and
Jenn Woodall!

I was also super busy making the poster for the show which you can see below. It's characters (Austrian Krampus, Italian Schnappviecher, Bulgarian Babugeri and Japanese Namahage) are representative of what the show will look like.

If you're in Philly you should definitely check it out!


Tuesday August 6, 2013

Hey folks! I know it's been a really long time since I updated but as you can see below, I broke the middle finger of my drawing hand, so I've been out of commission for a while.

While my hand was on the mend, I did manage to assemble and sell all of the copies of Illustro Obscurum Collection I. This zine collected the first FOUR volumes of Illustro Obscurum and included an embroidered patch, full color sticker, full color-gold edged fan club membership card, two full color prints, and a hand signed and numbered fan club membership certificate, all wax sealed in a neat little package. They went fast but as you'll read below I'll have more soon.

Because, I will be tabling at NecronomiCon in Providence in August. If you're making the trip out (which, if you can afford to, you totally should!) I'll be selling a bunch of Illustro Obscurum merchandise. Including 25 copies of COLLECTION I!

I will also have special INDIVIDUAL, NecronomiCon ONLY, editions of Illustro Obscurum Volumes I-IV. So, if you're going to be in Providence and you missed out on an of the first four Volumes this is your chance to grab them and get caught up.

There will also be a three venue Lovecraft themed art show called

Ars Necronomica that's going on to coincide with the Con. I'll have 6 pieces in the show at Cohen Gallery in Brown University alongside Alan Brown,
Paul Romano, Justin Bartlett Nick Blinko among others! You can get all the info about that here.

I'm also in the process of getting together the next installment of Guests In the Witch House! More on that in a week or two.

I will also be a guest on

The Double Shadow podcast again for Clark Ashton Smith's amazing story The Coming Of the White Worm. So keep checking their site for that episode!

I've got 9 new creatures drawn (only two are redrawings) and will start inking them soon. It may be a while til I can post any of them because I'll be preparing for NecronomiCon. If you'll be in Providence then come by and say hi!!! I'll be in the L'Apogee/Salons area circled in the map below ON SUNDAY AUGUST 25th.


Friday April 12, 2013

Hey guys! Sorry about not updating last month but a lot has happened.

Here's a selection of my new HPL inspired bestiary work.

While most of my new work has been on my Yog-Blogsoth blog, I did work on this new design for Low Road.

Not only that but I'm getting Illustro Obscurum Volume V ready for sale this FRIDAY JUNE 7th, 11AM EST (Keep checking Yog-Blogsoth for more updates.).

And sadly, the bummer news. Last Wednesday while riding my bike I got doored by some nerd and broke the middle finger of my drawing hand.

Needless to say, it's gonna be a little while til I can get to the commissions I have lined up. However, the doctor said it was a clean break with no vascular damage, so I should be churning out more monsters in a few weeks.


Friday April 12, 2013

Volume IV of Illustro Obscurum IS NOW on sale!!

Specs are as follows:
Twelve page, full color zine with hand screen printed covers, limited to 25 and hand assembled, numbered and signed by the artist. 8.5"x 11" format. Featuring 24 creature drawings, 3 drawings of Gods In Human Form and 2 drawings of Great Old Ones. Keep checking Yog-Blogsoth for more updates.

Also Volume III is now sold out!
Thanks so much for your support guys!!!


Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Hey guys here's some more news!

Volume IV of Illustro Obscurum will go on sale this coming Friday April 12th at 11am EST. Specs are as follows:
Twelve page, full color zine with hand screen printed covers, limited to 25 and hand assembled, numbered and signed by the artist. 8.5"x 11" format. Featuring 24 creature drawings, 3 drawings of Gods In Human Form and 2 drawings of Great Old Ones. Keep checking Yog-Blogsoth for more updates.

Just a reminder there is ONLY ONE copy of Illustro Obscurum Volume III on sale over at the YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE, head over there and check it out!

Secondovly, I did a piece for fellow illustrator Trevor Henderson & Kathryn Bright's H.P. Lovecraft themed art zine called Puffed Shoggoths. Right now he's got a Kick Starter going to get it done right. Other artists include Trevor Henderson, Sam Bosma, Jimmy Giegerich, and many more. Click below to check it out and donate!


Thursday April 4th, 2013

So, I have a bunch of cool news!

I just did an interview over at The Lurkers Path about my art but more specifically my H.P. Lovecraft bestiary
Yog-Blogsoth and zines.

I also did a two part guest spot on the Clark Ashton Smith themed podcast,
The Double Shadow. We covered a story called The Testament Of Athammaus. The folks that do that podcast are awesome, insightful and really fun. I had a great time really getting into some deep, deep nerd territory with them. Also, I sound like a nerd-robot.

Lastly there are still 3 copies of Illustro Obscurum Volume III on sale over at the YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE, head over there and check 'em out


Thursday March 21st, 2013

Hey guys! Quick update, TOMORROW, Friday March 22nd at 11am, EST the second edition of Illustro Obscurum Volume III will go on sale over at the YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE. There will be only TWENTY copies available.

My last (for now) addition to The Official Handbook Of the Marvel Universe Reduxe blog went up yesterday. It's a gross/sad interpretation of Doctor Demonicus.

I also finished up a shirt design for the Australian band 50 Lions, who I've worked with before and are great dudes!

Don't forget to check out the YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE tomorrow!!


Tuesday March 5th, 2013

Hey folks, I'll have a few updates for you sometime this week. I'm a little behind because Jeanne and I went to Dominican Republic for Carnival last weekend. We went to see the Diablos Cojuelos in a town called La Vega, which are kinda like Caribbean Krampuses! Check the image below and for more pics check out my Corpse Altar tumblr.


Friday February 1st, 2013

Hey guys. Here's the new cover I did for the 10th anniversary of Comeback Kid's debut Turn It Around.

Below is a side by side comparison. Ten years!

Then this last image is a shirt design I finished just before my trip last year for Philadelphia's own Repellers.


Thursday January 31st, 2013

Hey guys! This is my first post of the new year.

First off, Volume III of Illustro Obscurum sold out in half a day despite Paypal issues (ugh). Thanks to everyone that stuck with it and purchased one even though it was a pain.

After that, Jeanne and I went on a vacation, where we spent Christmas in Czech Republic and New Years Eve in Slovakia! We also had a 9 hour layover in Milan, so we managed to leave the airport for a bit. All in all we saw 4 ossuaries, 1 capuccin crypt filled with mummies, 5 skeletal saints, the ruins of 2 castles (one of which was Countess Bathory's), 1 alchemy museum and Alphons Mucha's Slav Epic!

In other news I just finished up a cover for the 10 year (!) anniversary of Comeback Kid's debut album Turn It Around. I also just finished up work on a piece for the 2013 Adepticon and I'm in the middle of the second piece for them.

So, expect images of those pieces soon!

Tuesday December 5th, 2012

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I updated the site but I've been busy!

Illustro Obscurum Volume III will be available tomorrow morning (Thursday December 6th, 10:30AM, EST) but you can bookmark the store page URL....CLICK HERE FOR THE YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE

Jeanne also set up an etsy store that has some of my prints in it! You can pick up three different hand signed/numbered, screenprinted pieces.

You should also check all the stuff Jeanne has in the store. There's some really amazing jewelery, prints and original paintings for sale. My personal favorite is this print of Tiamat!



Friday October 12th, 2012

Hey guys. I just finished a piece for my friend Ryann's upcoming group show to benefit the WWF (World Wildlife Fund not World Wrestling Federation, they lost that lawsuit a while back). The idea was to make a piece that featured an endangered animal or habitat.

The piece I did is based on the demon Orias from.
"The Fifty-ninth Spirit is Oriax, or Orias. He is a Great Marquis, and appeareth in the Form of a Lion with a Serpent's Tail; and he holdeth in Hand two Great Serpents hissing. His Office is to teach the Virtues of the Stars, and to know the Mansions of the Planets, and how to understand their Virtues."

Well, Lions are listed as "vulnerable" and so are
King Cobras.
San Francisco Garter Snake is actually listed as endangered. Anyway, the show is called Countdown To (En)Danger and the opening is this Saturday at B2. If you're in the Philadelphia area you should totally check it out. There are some amazing artists participating including
Jeanne D'Angelo (her pieces is seriously stunning).

Also expect some pretty cool/obscure gods on Yog-Blogsoth on the week of Halloween!


Thursday September 13th, 2012

Hey guys,Volume II of the zine version of my monster drawings from my H.P. Lovecraft inspired blog Yog-Blogsoth will be available tomorrow morning. There were 30 hand signed/numbered/bound/torn copies with full color interior pages and hand screen printed covers. There will also be a combination package of Volume I & II, limited to only 13.

They won't be available until tomorrow morning (Friday September 14th, 10:30AM, EST) but you can bookmark the store page URL....CLICK HERE FOR THE YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE

Wednesday August 8th, 2012

I've got a bunch of news!!

Since last post, I've made a zine version of my monster drawings from my H.P. Lovecraft inspired blog Yog-Blogsoth. There were 25 hand signed/numbered/bound/torn copies with full color interior pages and hand screen printed covers. They sold out in about a half hour so I'm doing a second edition limited to 30 copies.

They won't be available until tomorrow morning (Thursday August 8th, 10:30AM, EST) but you can bookmark the store page URL....CLICK HERE FOR THE YOG-BLOGSOTH STORE

I also finished a companion piece to my
Dunwich Horror piece from last year.

It's going to appear in black and white in Trevor Henderson's H.P. Lovecraft themed art zine called Puffed Shoggoths, but I'll eventually have full color poster versions available in the Yog-blogsoth store.

Lastly, I completed my second column over for Blow the Scene which describes in detail my process for making the second Black Vulture Gallery shirt I posted about last month.

Thursday June 28th, 2012

Just two quick things guys. First, I started to do a kind of monthly column over at Blow the Scene. You can read the first installment here, and the second will be up soon.

Here's a new shirt design for Black Vulture Gallery.

You can see a larger version of it on the Shirts page.


Tuesday May 22nd, 2012

Hey folks! I finally got some time to update this site and give you all some news about the Empty Night Skies show. It went amazingly! It was packed from the moment it started to way after it was supposed to end, as you can see below!

We sold most of the work and raised a TON of money on opening night and a steady stream of work has sold since. There are still some beautiful pieces available so if you live in the Philadelphia area, you should head over to Grindcore House to check it out.

I wound up doing a new piece for that show last minute. Well, not entirely new but a readrawing of an old piece I did for fun. It's my homage to Madballs and bats that I've dubbed "Splat Bat". Fortunately for bats, but unfortunately for you if you wanted it, this guy sold opening night along with my other piece.

Anyway, that was all great and after that Jeanne and I needed a vacation. So, we went out to Portland, OR for ten days to hang out with some awesome friends and hike in the woods, play on the beach, eat some food and read books. Oh yeah, and this happened:

Since I got back from vacation, I've been busting my ass to get some work done. Here's two new shirt designs...

This is a new design for White Horse from Australia.

And this is a new design for Old Poets which features members of Panic, who I did artwork for years and years ago.

Last but not least, I also took a month long hiatus from Yog-Blogsoth but just recently started posting again. I also started a Tumblr called Tum Bleyond as an arm of Yog-Blogsoth because it seems like no one reads blogs anymore.


Tuesday April 10, 2012

Hey dudes! Here's another update about the benefit art show Jeanne D'Angelo, Ryann Casey and myself are organizing called Empty Night Skies. Again, all proceeds will go to Bat Conservation International to help fight White Nose Syndrome which has killed over 7 million bats in the North Eastern US and Canada.

Here's a new black and white flyer I did for the show.

There are over 40 artists participating and ALL of the work we've gotten so far is amazing! I'll post pics of some of the pieces when we shoot them. So, if you're in Philly or the area and you want to buy some very reasonably priced artwork from some amazing artists for a great cause come to Grindcore House for Empty Night Skies!

Monday April 2, 2012

Hey dudes! One giant update today and it's about a project that has been consuming most of my time the last few months. Jeanne D'Angelo, Ryann Casey and myself are organizing a benefit art show called Empty Night Skies for Bat Conservation International to help fight White Nose Syndrome which is destroying bat colonies in the North Eastern US and Canada.

"Named for a cold-loving white fungus typically found on the faces and wings of infected bats, White-nose Syndrome causes bats to awaken more often during hibernation and use up the stored fat reserves that are needed to get them through the winter. Infected bats often emerge too soon from hibernation and are often seen flying around in midwinter. These bats usually freeze or starve to death.

Mortality rates approaching 100 percent are reported at some sites."

The show will be at Grindcore House here in Philly with over 50 artists from all over the world participating including Paul Romano, Jeremy Hush, Ketch Wehr, Anthony Pedro,
Heather Gargon, Kat Gun, Kat Moran, Joe Boruchow, Eleanor Grosch, Jack Barfield, Justin Gray, Amy Duncan, Dilek Baykara, Halsey Swain & many more!

So on top of organizing all that, I've been attending sad lectures at The Wagner Free Institute about White Nose Syndrome and working on my own ridiculous piece.

This madness is based on the Aztec legend of the Hero Twins and their encounter with Camazotz, the Death Bat! So here's a short summary. During big festivals, the Aztecs would have huge ball game tournaments and losers would be decapitated and have their heads hung in trees near the court. A princess fell in love with one of the severed heads, got impregnated by it's spit and gave birth to The Hero Twins. They, in turn, decide to try to break their father's spirit out of the underworld and go on a Hercules-esque quest. At one point they're in a cave and have to hide in their blowguns. The one brother pokes his head out to see if the coast is clear and Camazotz swoops down and decapitates him. Not letting that slow them down, they call upon the animals of the forest to bring a replacement head and a coati shows up with a gourd. That seems good enough, so they continue on their quest. At some point they're caught, executed, cremated and their ashes are thrown in the river. Not even that stops them, as they reincarnate as catfish to complete their quest!

Here's a progress shot:

The very first sketch had a way more horizontal feel to it but then I decided I like the complex billowing of the wings when they're more compressed. I then drew half, flipped the drawing and inked it on the other side with a light box, folded it, inked the other half (well only the symmetrical parts) and then scanned it and colored the hell out of it.

Anyway, this will be on display and for sale (with the original drawing) at Grindcore House for Empty Night Skies so if you're interested, head over there and buy it! You may save a bat's life.

Also, as always, you can check out my ongoing Lovecraft bestiary blog Yog-Blogsoth. I posted news there a week ago about how I'm working on collecting those drawings in zine format so expect more about that soon!


Monday March 12, 2012

Hey dudes! Two updates for you. The first is a shirt design for Atrocity Solution from Wisconsin.

You can also see this cool in progress shot of me inking on a different sheet of paper with Kids In the Hall on the computer.

The second update is my piece for the Mythology and Forgotten Gods show at Phantom Hand.

I chose to do a drawing of Lilith that's a combination of the Sumerian/Christian/Hebrew myths as well as H.P. Lovecraft's description in The Horror At Red Hook. I did a ton of research to add all the doodly bits and details. She's portrayed with animals she's associated with (jackals, owls, goats, ibexes, hyenas)in artwork and Sumerian legend. There are also a lot of early theories about Lilith and menstruation, defiance (the oroboros is a sign of rejecting god in Alchemy), temptation (some believe she was the serpent who tempted Eve hence, the apple) and infant death (some people still draw a circle around cribs of children with the names of the three angels Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof as a way to ward off Lilith). I hope that wasn't too nerdy...if it wasn't and you want even more you can read some of the actual quotes on my Lovecraft blog

Wednesday March 6, 2012

Here are two cards for shows that I have work in. One is up now and the other is upcoming. The first, is at Phantom Hand and the opening went really well. There was a good crowd and a bunch of great art, including a really cool piece by Justin Gray.

The second, is the official card for the show at Black Vulture Gallery that I mentioned 2 posts back. Jeremy Hush, Eric Eaton, Kat Gun, Dave Fox, Seldon Hunt among others will be in this show.

I'll also be participating in Phantom Hand's next, and possibly last (unless they get an extension on their lease) show entitled Mythology and Forgotten Gods. That piece is done and I'll post it soon.